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We are ALWAYS INTERESTED in hearing from potential clients. So please contact us for a discussion

About strategy services

Our commitment

We deliver value relevant to your situation .... at a competitive price .... by using mature expertise ... while providing a personal service.

We provide an efficient, cost-effective, personal service, with the high professional standards and expertise that come from years of practising in many different organisations and sectors, combined with a total commitment to our clients' interests.

We focus on services to Senior Executives & Managers who are facing problems in strategy implementation, business efficiency, change/programme/project management challenges or who require business/technical analysis to support new business propositions.

A valuable member of your team
We are a business consultancy based in London. We aim to be a valuable member of the senior team for our clients. We work closely with our clients in the UK many of which are household names. We act as a catalyst; we don’t try to be experts in your business.
 Action, not a report. Our approach is measurable, effective, and inclusive; it unleashes your employees’ enthusiasm, ability, and personal energy.
 Value quickly. We deliver tangible business value on your business’s key issues, not peripheral “quick wins”.
 Tailored for your business. We do not use off-the-shelf packages. We develop in-depth knowledge of your issues and design the solution with you.

With Strategy Services, you receive advice and representation directly from an experienced senior consultant. Competent, director-level advice and representation always increase your chances of success, and save you unnecessary duplication of effort, time and money.

Whether you are a large commercial business, or a SME trying to negotiate your way through the complexities of the modern world, we work with you to provide cost-effective, creative and practical solutions to your day-to-day business problems and challenges.

10 years of operation
Strategy Services has been advising our clients on all areas of strategy implementation for 10 years – incorporated in September 2000 – and has provided a valuable service to our clients ever since. We are capable of working under pressure in any environment and becoming part of your team. In the modern world, instead of becoming part of the problem we take the strain to ease you through the difficult times.

The future is bright

That may seem a strange thing to say in light of recent developments in the City, UK and all over the world. But, with sound advice, innovative solutions to problems, and tenacity, recession need only be a stage you are going through en route to your future prosperity.

We are working now with clients to make today's difficult decisions to ensure tomorrow's success.

We are ALWAYS INTERESTED in hearing from potential clients.

So please contact us for a discussion

Our Modus Operandi

We come, we do, and we go.

As a consultancy our job has always fallen into three categories:
Do something that the company / management lacks the expertise to do themselves - and maybe show them how
Do something temporary for which the management does not have sufficient time to deal with personally (lead a change initiative)
Fix a problem (combine 1 & 2)

When or if a client wants us back to do something else then fine. As soon as "consultancy" steps over the line and fails to do the "we go" bit it ceases to be consultancy and becomes an ongoing service provision which we prefer not to do and your costs can be lower using other resourcing methods.

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